Make this election less racist

Days away from the election and not a single party has shown itself aware of the racism ingrained inside every issue in this country.


The overt white supremacists –  our Prime Minister and the Conservatives, and the Brexit Party – are unapologetically on or above the red line. They’re dangerous and simply stonewall concerns.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would have us believe they’re not part of pyramid, their defence being that Jeremy Corbyn is a life-long anti-racism campaigner.

It can be true that he’s campaigned for and is committed to equality. It can also be true that he is defensive when questioned, and that the Labour Party more broadly is guilty of  Denial of Racism, Blaming the Victim and, not on the pyramid, Pointing the Finger at the ‘Real’ Racism Over There.

The Lib Dems have racist candidates. My own party the Greens, have also disappointingly fallen for English-only Initiatives.

Polticians like Lucas and Corbyn are non-racist allies on other, arguably most, occsaions. Their latest manifestos are far more pro-migration than any of the other parties.

Most of us white people in the UK are racist, consciously or not. We were conditioned through education and culture to think that white culture is the norm, and innately good. We talk a lot about our guilt at white privilege rather than actually learn about and from cultures unfamiliar to us personally.

This Toolkit is a good start, so too this book.

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