I wrote a letter recently, in which I asked for experts in psychology and kenosis.

Which begs the question: what’s Kenosis?

Well, it’s complicated….

The first time I came across it was in a book by Tobias Jones. It’s his definition I use when I talk about kenosis: creating sacred space by removing the will and ego.

For me (coming from my individual, secular, lay person’s interpretation), it’s a robust way of summarising non-attachment, self-emptying, compassion, selflessness… without the connotations of an – ironically – ego-driven virtue signalling exercise.

Some recovery thinking goes further and relates the concept of surrender to hitting rock bottom, essentially recognising that we’re lost and handing over to God.

The Biblical importance and implications of Christ’s kenosis are the subject of intricate theological texts which I couldn’t even begin to do justice to here.

I’ve explored before what a kenotic society might mean and examples of kenotic actors.

How much media values should be kenotic ones is part of the debate

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