Make this election less racist

Days away from the election and not a single party has shown itself aware of the racism ingrained inside every issue in this country. I'll justify my sweeping statement with this: The overt white supremacists -  our Prime Minister and the Conservatives, and the Brexit Party - are unapologetically on or above the red line. … Continue reading Make this election less racist

Expat or immigrant?

The threat to the dam has receded. The power is back on. The residents of Whaley Bridge, homeless for almost a week, have returned, and the blackout at Ipswich Hospital is over. "We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and community spirit shown from across the High Peak and beyond,” High Peak Borough Council said. … Continue reading Expat or immigrant?


  Something happened Today Which set the cat among the pigeons and fluttered the dovecote Stop! Listen! How on earth do we respond? Armageddon awaits, if we get this wrong! So Let us put a loony up against an expert Let them both be white and middle aged and male Let us draw swords and … Continue reading Today

Phyllis Pearsall – ‘Whose secretary are you?’

For getting around London in the days before pre-Sat Nav and Google Map - if  you can imagine such a quaint, techno-lite concept -  Phyllis Pearsall’s A-Z was indispensable. But most contemporary references to Phyllis are derogatory.  Take for example, the mentions she gets in the much-lauded London Review of Books. The tunnel-boring machine used … Continue reading Phyllis Pearsall – ‘Whose secretary are you?’

10,000 employed to keep ‘them’ out of Europe

Some significant news was released yesterday but it was no April Fool. The European Commission agreed to reinforce its Border and Coast Guard with an additional 10,000 border guards. You might think the move would be fuel for sceptical Leavers convinced that the EU project will suck up its members into a super state, despite … Continue reading 10,000 employed to keep ‘them’ out of Europe